Sunday, May 12, 2013

United Kingdom in the Worldwide Lyme Protest

On May 10 & 11th several countries and states got together to protest Lyme Disease. To see why visit here:

Ignorance of tick-borne Lyme disease 'costing lives' May 11th, 2013

Thanks to Ruth Black and Tony Bent for pictures. 

UK WWLP Facebook Page

Results from the UK Worldwide Lyme Protest

BBC News Health
Ignorance of tick-borne Lyme disease 'costing lives'

Outside the Department of Health in London United Kingdom short interviews

The designated area given to the protesters a few paces from the entrance to Dept of Health and opposite Downing Street includes people banners and poster voices/stories .

People and banners and a quick glimpse of the entrance to Downing Street as armed police arrive not a sight seen in UK very often and nothing that affected our protest.

A brief chant outside the entrance to Dept of Health

Tiny ticks with Entomologist Nicola Seal

Gathering for a photo call

Sonia Poulton Freelance Journalist/Broadcaster joined the protest and talks to Nicola Seal who organised today's event - an interesting discussion.

Nicola Seal going to hand the UK Lyme Disease petition to the Dept of Health which includes reports from patients about their struggles with health and treatment also includes photo presentations and of course our requests for help with this disease. 

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