What You Can Do

Worldwide Lyme Protest Campaigns
We know not everyone can show up at a protest or rally. Some patients are homebound and can only participate from home or online. Each state or country may vary in what campaigns they are involved in. 
  • Lyme Lives Here Campaign- On the weekend of May 16-18th, make a sign that says, “Lyme Lives Here.” You can put it in your yard. Or you can go someplace publicly like your town sign, a medical center, the Public Health Building, be creative, go in a group or do it individually. We would like a picture from every state and country around the world with someone holding a “Lyme Lives Here” sign. Make sure to put your town, state or country on it! You can purchase a yard sign here.  Feel free to customize it too add your location!
  • Add Yourself to the Lyme Patient Map- Just click HERE and add yourself to the Lyme Map. The point of this map is to show where Lyme patients live and need help and medical care. It is not to show where Lyme was contracted so just add where you live now. We want to show that this is a global problem.

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