Ways to Participate from Home

We know not every country has enough support to do an all out protest or rally. And some people are just too sick to leave home to go to an event. Here are some ideas for people who are too sick or ways for countries without a lot of support to participate in the Worldwide Protest.
Change your Profile Pic for the week of the Worldwide Lyme Protests! 

Twitter Campaign
Let's fill up Twitter with Lyme Awareness Tweets on May 10th & May 11th!
Here is a list of celebrities you can tweet! 

Letter Writing Campaign 

Samantha's Annual Lyme Life Awareness "Green Light" Campaign

Where: everywhere!
When: All through May. This will be the second year in a row for the green light campaign! It's simple and everyone can do this with us. Just buy a green bulb at your local hardware store and change your porch light!

Ribbons Across the World
Where: Everywhere!
When: All through May
S-L-A-M.org started a campaign several years ago in the US. We are now going to expand WORLDWIDE!  Each May, people hang up lime green ribbons wherever they can. You can tie them on your porch, your mail box, get permission from your town to tie them on phone polls... anywhere that will bring attention to Lyme Disease. So this May, get ready to do it again.

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