Saturday, March 1, 2014

Czech Republic in the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest 2014

When: May 16 - 18th, 2014
Where: Global Protest
Coordinator: Jana Nimrichterova

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Czech Republic will be taking an online appraoch to spreading awareness for the Worldwide Lyme Disease Protest.

So many people with Lyme Disease are so ill but still trying to make a difference so the coordinators of the WWLDAP came up with some ideas to help Lyme Patients be able to participate from home. 

Here are some ideas for Lyme Awareness activism that can be done from home.

1. Tie a green ribbon

around your mailbox or a tree in your yard.

2. Put a green lightbulb 

in your front porch light.

3. Media Writing Campaign~ 

Write letters to your local officials regarding what you have gone through with Lyme Disease. Tell them about the protests happening all over the world and all the new research.

4. Letters for Lyme

5. Add your picture and Lyme story to the "We are the Millions" Google Album.

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