Monday, March 3, 2014

South Africa in the Worldwide Lyme Awareness Protest 2014

South Africa will be taking an online approach to the WWLDAP  this year.


  1. Hi
    does anyone know of a doctor that can help in Cape Town
    my boyfriend has been ill for about 4 years now and no one knows what is wrong with him he got a abseas and they had to drain it but it never closed and he still has a open wound now. he was recently diagnosed by a SCIO machine with high stage of lyme disease but when he told his doctors at groote schuur they laughed at him and said you don't get lyme disease in south africa only in North America. Does anyone know of a doctor in Cape Town that believes lyme disease in South Africa is real and will help him.
    Thank you

  2. Your best bet is this doctor. She will not laugh at you likemany did to me as well
    Ccontact at bottom of first page. She saved my life