Saturday, March 8, 2014

Croatia in the Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Protest

Croatia will be taking an online and media approach to the Worldwide Lyme Awareness Protest 2014. Below are several Lyme Awareness Campaigns that people can participate in. 

Lyme Lives Here Campaign

You can use this poster in a couple different ways. Print out this sign and place in your yard. Put this sign in your profile picture in May.

"We are the Millions" Google Lyme Patient Album Campaign

Make sure to add your picture and story to this album. You can take it one step further too and write to your local newspapers and newstations telling them about this album and how many people have Chronic Lyme Disease across the world. 
Add your picture to the "We are the Millions" Google Album Here.

Chronic Lyme Patients Worldwide Map

Worldwide Protest Map, Find a Protest Near You!

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