Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lyme Lives Here Campaign

Talking to the Washington State, US Coordinators for the Worldwide Lyme Protest, they came up with some good ideas. Well it's an idea that they have been doing for several years. Hearing this idea, I thought it would be a great campaign to incooperate into the Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness Campaign.

Every year Lorraine and Anna Hart go stand outside with a sign that says, "Lyme Lives Here." When people inquire about what they are doing they hand them Lyme brochures. 

Last year for the 2013 Protest, Karen Smith, Australian WWLP coorindator, made "Lyme Lives Here" posters for each country to share on Facebook and put in profile pictures. So why not combine these two ideas and make a huge campaign, "Lyme Lives Here." We can put these posters on social media. We can put them in our yards. We can stand on the street with signs. 

As part of the Worldwide Lyme Protest 2014 we would like to encourage everyone to do this. It is a great way for states that don't have protests, rallies or walks to go to, or for the Lyme patient that feels to sick or weak to attend these physical events.

* You can stand outside with a sign for example, on an intersection or at a park, of course don't block obstruct traffic or thru traffic. 

 *Hold up a sign at the mall, school, hospital grounds, or any public place. Check ahead to see if you need permission.

* Put a sign in your front yard. Next to it you could also put a place for people to take brochures. 

Hester Strumpfer from South Africa

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