Saturday, March 8, 2014

Online Campaigns for the Wordwide Lyme Awareness Protest 2014

There will be many online campaign this year in the  Worldwide Lyme Awareness Protest 2014. Below are several Lyme Awareness Campaigns that people can participate in. 

Lyme Lives Here Campaign

* You can use this poster in a couple different ways. Print out this sign and place in your yard.
* Put this sign in your profile picture in May.
* You can make your own "Lyme Lives Here" sign.
* Take pictures and send it in to us for us to post and so we can use the pictures for the blog and media purposes.

"We are the Millions" Google Album Campaign

* Write to your local papers and newstaton to tell them about this  album and how it shows that there are so many Lyme patients suffering around the world. Include with this our Mission Statement.
* Share everywhere on social media@

Add your picture to the "We are the Millions" Google Album Here.

Chronic Lyme Patients Worldwide Map

This map was made to show how many Chronic Lyme Patients there are across the world. It is not a map to show where people got infected. The ponit of this map is to show where care, financial aid, assistance and medical care is needed for patients. 

*Add yourself to the map.
* Share the map on all social media.
* Write to your local newspapers and newstations and try to get this map on the news. 

Events You Can Do From Home

Samantha's Annual Lyme Life Awareness "Green Light" Campaign

Where: everywhere!
When: All through May. This will be the second year in a row for the green light campaign! It's simple and everyone can do this with us. Just buy a green bulb at your local hardware store and change your porch light!

Ribbons Across the World

Where: Everywhere!
When: All through May started a campaign several years ago in the US. We are now going to expand WORLDWIDE!  Each May, people hang up lime green ribbons wherever they can. You can tie them on your porch, your mail box, get permission from your town to tie them on phone polls... anywhere that will bring attention to Lyme Disease. So this May, get ready to do it again.

Worldwide Protest Map, Find a Protest Near You!

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